Physical and Mental
Health Assessment

Acting as a liaison between you and your doctor, we provide a comprehensive Physical and Mental Health Assessment before your 6-week postpartum follow-up, to proactively address concerning signs and symptoms in a timely manner.

MAHMEE Massage

Therapeutic Maternal

Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia are leading causes of pregnancy and postpartum health problems and mortality. This therapeutic antepartum and postpartum massage increases circulation and aids in blood pressure regulation, stress reduction, and muscle relaxation.


Yoga and Low-Impact
Exercise Classes

Cardiomyopathy and other cardiac conditions are leading causes of maternal mortality. These classes are meant to strengthen the heart muscle and body for overall better health.

MAHMEE Mood Rooms

Relaxation, Rest, Rejuvenation

Although the 4th Trimester is a very exciting time, it is also an exhausting time, when parents don't often get enough rest, sleep, or personal time, as they and their babies are adjusting to their new life. 


Child Loss Support Groups

Express grief in a safe and supportive environment. Every year in the U.S., one million women experience loss.  Most report that their grief is not adequately recognized by family and friends, leaving a feeling of emotional abandonment.  

MAHMEE Mentality

1-on-1 Mental
Health Support

Studies note that 1 in 7 women (600,000 per year) will suffer from Postpartum Depression. Mental Health problems, substance use disorder, and intimate-partner violence are preceding circumstances to pregnancy-associated suicide and homicide. 


Coming Soon! Mobile Clinic at your door

Transportation to and from appointments in comfort.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline:

Call or Text 988 or
Click the Chat Button at

Maternal Mental Health Hotline: 

1 (833) TLC-MAMA (852-6262)


MAHMEE MILK- Lactation Support

MAHMEE SHOWERS- A celebration for moms-to-be and a rentable space for baby showers. (discount for members and moms we serve)

MAHMEE VILLAGE- Partnerships with childcare providers, healthcare facilities, community organizations, schools, individuals, businesses, and other non-profits 

MAHMEE EDUCATION LAB- Family Planning classes, nutrition classes, urgent maternal warning signs, and CPR training

MAHMEE MOOD ROOMS- Rentable space for healthcare workers (discount for members)

MAHMEE SPEAKS- Hosting speakers from all healthcare disciplines